Friday, August 5, 2011

Save Money by Utilizing Leftovers

This has been such a busy week for my family, and yesterday was the busiest.  The two older boys started back to school, I had a ton on housework that needed attention, and my husband started a new job this week so his district manager took him to dinner last night.  On top of all on that, my oldest son had football evaluations.  Endless to say I was stressed. 

I had planned to make a really nice dinner with a pork roast, but that went out the window when I found out my husband wouldn't be having dinner with us.  So I started poking around in the refrigerator looking for something to make for dinner.  I decided to utilize some leftover from earlier in the week. 

We had some leftover spaghetti sauce and a baked chicken breast.
I chopped up the chicken breast and added it to the spaghetti sauce and heated together in a sauce pan.  I also made some elbow macaroni and boiled some fresh corn I picked up on sale at Food Lion.  This quick meal took no time to pull together and I was able to save money by using leftovers that might have gotten pushed to the back of the refrigerator and forgotten about.

15 minutes later, a delicious and healthy meal is served!

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