Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coupon Organization: Binder System vs Filing System

I truly enjoy couponing and saving my family bundles of cash, but one of the things I always seemed to do was procrastinate on organizing my coupons.  I would get a few weeks behind on clipping and sorting, and then it would take me forever to get caught up when I was using the binder method.  Plus it would take me twice as long to plan my shopping trips because my coupons were a mess. 

In February I had a new baby. After that I had an even harder time getting my coupons organized because I was tending to a newborn. So a few weeks ago I decided to start organizing my coupons using a filing system.

This has saved me so much time and headaches.  I file the coupon inserts according to dates and I only clip when I going to use a coupon.  I keep the inserts for nine weeks.  Most coupons expire within nine weeks, but I always flip through the inserts before trashing to make sure there isn't any unexpired coupons. I just clip those and file in a folder I keep for loose coupons, printed coupons, and coupons that come with my free samples.

The only drawback to using a filing system in lieu of the binder system is when I go shopping I only have the coupons for the specific items I plan to buy.  If I find a clearance item or an unadvertised sale item I don't have my coupons on hand to get that particular deal.  Even with that drawback the filing system is still the best choice for me.

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