Thursday, August 18, 2011

Clean Your Windows for Pennies

Did you know you can make your own glass and window cleaner for literally pennies?  Yep, that's right. With vinegar.  Vinegar is such a wonderful product because it has so many uses for cooking and cleaning and more.  It is also very cheap and environmentally friendly.

 I recently purchased a bottle of vinegar at my local grocery store for just $0.95.  I filled an empty spray bottle with a 50/50 mixure of vinegar and water.  (I used about half the vinegar.)  I cleaned our mirrors and windows and they have never looked shiner!  Also, NO STREAKS!  The blue Windex always seemed to leave streaks.

Vinegar is also non-toxic, all natural, and environmentally friendly because it doesn't have any harsh chemicals that other glass cleaners have.  Did you know Windex has a Vinegar Multi-Surface cleaner?  But making it yourself is very easy and so much cheaper.  I'll never go back to using the blue chemical glass cleaner.

Head over to for 1001 uses of vinegar from autos to pets.

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