Friday, July 8, 2011

The Candy Store

The boys and I have a new favorite place to shop! It's called The Candy Store and it's located on Inman St. in Cleveland.  It used to be one of those outlet stores AKA junk store, AKA the broken toy  We were driving by on Thursday on the way to an appointment and the boys pointed it out to me so I decided to stop on the way home as a reward for good bahavior. 

Oh my gosh, we love it!  They have candy bars 5 for $1 and gum 3 packs for $1, and best of all I found Seventh Generation diapers for $3.99 per pack.  I was so excited I bought some for baby Sawyer and even more for a baby shower I'm going to later this month.  The Kit Kat bars even had $0.55/1 coupons for a Hershey product that I used at Bi-Lo (which Bi-Lo doubled and I got some FREE candy).  Be very careful when buying the candy though because a lot was expired and expired chocolate can give you a belly ache. 

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