Friday, June 24, 2011

9 Tips on Planning A Frugal Family Vacation


With the rising gas prices and airline tikets and being charged to check luggage, many families are wondering if they can afford a summer vacation this year. Here are nine simple tips to help you save money while planning a family vacation.

  1. Have a yard sale- You can earn $100-$200 by having a yard sale and you can put that money towards the gas expense during your trip. Not only does it save you money, but you also clean out your garage.
  2. Plan ahead- Check local attraction websites because they often offer coupons and deals. Check daily deals sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial for deals in the area you will be staying.  Also, check for discounts on restaurants in the area.
  3. Book hotel at the last minute- If you are willing to take a chance, hotels often discount their unreserved rooms at the last minute to get them booked. But if you are planning to travel the week of a major holiday this will probably not be a good idea, since hotels are usually full on holidays.
  4. Ask check-in desk for free upgrades- They may be able to upgrade you to a suite, a room with a better view, etc. It doesn't hurt to ask because the worst that can happen is they say, no.
  5. Book with a group- Plan a vacation with another family. You can split the cost of a condo or suite.
  6. Bring supplies from your stockpile- Pack with you paper plates, napkins, snacks, sodas, etc. from your stockpile. You'll be able to avoid paying for the things at convenience stores on the highway along the way. 
  7. Eat breakfast and lunch in your room- This will save you both time and money. You'll avoid the time it takes getting everyone ready to go out and you'll save money by making sandwiches in the room. The money you save can be used to go out to a nice restaurant at dinner.
  8. Take your own lounge chairs and/or umbrella- If you're planning a trip to the beach you can save $25 a day by bringing your own instead of renting two chairs and an umbrella.
  9. Have Fun!- Have fun and enjoy your vacation. Take a week off from clipping and organizing coupon and recharge your batteries.

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